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Vit. D the SUPERMAN of vitamins

Vitamin D and your Spine.

In a recent study,   https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5081317/,  to determine Vit. D deficiency in patients with degenerative disc and spine disease who were having spine surgery they found that there was in increase in degenerative spine disease in patients whose Vit. D levels were lower than normal.

So what does Degenerative spine disease look like?


Normal                                                                        Degenerative Arthritis

The picture on the left is a normal cervical/neck x-ray. You will see the bones have nice bright edges that are smooth and the black spaces between the bones represent the disc. The discs are well maintained and have equal height.

The picture on the right is of multi-level degenerative arthritis. You can see the edges of the bones are not as bright white and you can also see the ragged edges as well as the bone spurs forming in the front corners of the bones. These spurs will also form on the back side of the bones were the nerves exit the spine. The disc spaces are narrowed compared to the ones above and below the degenerative levels. Both of these issues can put pressure on the nerves causing pain, swelling and even numbness into the arms and fingers.

Below is the same process in the lumbar/low back.

Normal                                                             Degenerative Arthritis

So the question becomes, “How do we get more Vit. D?” Your body makes its own Vit. D. but needs sunlight, How much sunlight? Tough question. Many factors play a  role in this., such as how much time is spent in the sun, skin color, amount of skin exposed, location to the equator, time of day, etc.… Unfortunately in the Midwest, especially in winter, we do not get outside as much to create the amount of Vit. D our body needs. Think about it, if we are outside, it’s cold we are bundled up, hats gloves jackets and boots. Effectively our face is the only exposed skin.

Vit. D is not just for your bones. It also assists in muscle function, heart and circulation, lungs, brain development, anti-cancer effects and immune system function, which helps your body fight infection.

The best way to get Vit. D in the winter is through supplementation. This supplementation must be in the form of Vit. D3. We only use Metagenics products in our office as they are of the highest quality supplement on the market.

All of these benefits from one little Vitamin!! This is my favorite recommendation as the health benefits it creates are tremendous and it is the best bang for your buck. 

All Vit.D supplements are 20% of during the month of February. 

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  • "When I went into to see Dr. Oien I was having constant pain in m neck with tingling into my arm. I couldn't believe how fast my symptoms disappeared and I have not had them for a year and a half."
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