The 33 Chiropractic Principles

Chiropractic is a healing art with a strong philosophy and beliefthat the "power that made you, heals you". This power the human body containsis what we term innate intelligence. The profession was founded on and builds upon33 principles that explain the human body, the human experience, and life.Below are the 33 Principles of Chiropractic:

Ralph W. Stephenson, DC published a book in 1927 called simply,"Chiropractic Textbook". In it, he presented the core principles ofchiropractic.

1. The Major Premise - A Universal Intelligenceis in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions,thus maintaining it in existence.

Since it is universal it is common to every locality. Therefore, it is inanything and everything that is in the same locality. In the beginning itcreated matter; it did not, then, abandon matter but creates or unfoldsthoughts for its every moment. This solicitude maintains matter in existence.The physical "properties" which matter has, are but force (energy)continually given to it by intelligence. In a like manner, the quality thatmatter is said to possess, is what intelligence is giving it. Life ,aschiropractic sees it, is a quality or character that matter may have, occasionedby the presence of, or attention of intelligence, having continuation orduration, involving time. No lesser agency than Universal Intelligence canprevent any of these things but the perfect expression of intelligence,according to what man wants, may be prevented by limitations of matter. Eventhis is a universal law and is a phase of the Universal Cycle.

   Life is a combination of intelligence, force, and matter.Matter makes up the material universe- intelligence is the immaterial universe,and force is what binds them together. We perceive force as forms of energy.

   Matter is that which fills space and its function is toexpress force. It does not fill all space, but there is no limit to the placesyou may find it. You may travel in space for an unlimited time, and no matterhow far you got, you would find material. The amount of it is infinite."Infinite" means having no limit- no boundaries."Universal" means everywhere- common to every locality. Therefore,being infinite and everywhere, we use the term Universe. If you subtract fromthe material universe, any amount you wish to name- no matter how large- itwould not diminish the total amount. That is what infinity means.

   The immaterial Universe is the intelligence that made allthis. It, too, is everywhere, and therefore it is in all matter. It createdeverything, so it must have "known how" infinitely, and is all-wise.It is stronger than the strongest thing it made; and older, for it was therefirst. It is omnipotent, and unlimited. It fills all time, space, and distance.

   The definitions of Chiropractic give it plenty of latitudein the realm of things universal. Therefore we are able to go back to the mostfundamental principle of all; to "get our backs against the wall," soto speak, and know that we are starting at the beginning. To question thisfundamental is to be like the child who turns a picture over to see it from theback, or asks who made God.

To sum it up there is an intelligence, innate, inborn force within you that directs your physical being. Be mindful of what you food you give your innate, what thought it receives and what forces/traumas it receives. YOU, can only be as good as what you give yourself. It reminds me of a saying I once heard, garbage in, garbage out.

Yours in health, Naturally ,

Dr. Ben

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