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Health Tip Week #7

Week 7 This week focus on watching lesstelevision

The average American watches almost 5 hours of TV every day! Challenge yourselfto watch as little as possible, see if you can watch 1 hour or less per night.Let yourself watch you favorite shows, but turn it off after that. It isamazing how the television has an ability to suck you in. Without realizing ityou have been watching for hours. In many cases you start with watching a showyou enjoy, then it turns into what is the best thing on after that. At the endof the night you: might be able to build a robot or remodel your house (eventhough you don't own any tools), you might know everything about all thecelebrities (that you will never meet), or you might now know every punch linefrom you favorite movie (after watching it for the 100th time.)

Television is entertainment and it is designed to keep you attention.Everything we do in life either builds us up or tears us down. Positive thingsbuild us up and negative things break us down. If you are watching a show askyourself is this building me up? If not turn it off. Violence, drama,negativity, poor language. What are we exposing to ourselves, our kids? Inaddition to what the TV does to your mind, by sitting for that many hours perday and often eating while watching it is no wonder what as a society we arebecoming obese so rapidly. If the average American cut that TV time is half andwatched 2.5 hours and exercised the other half we would go from one of the mostoverweight countries to one of the fittest.

You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish by limiting TV hours. Youwill also start to enjoy life again, instead of getting through it.

What can you do?
Talk to your spouse
Play with the kids
Read a book
Find a hobby
Go for a walk
Play games
Listen to a motivational or inspirational CD
Listen to your favorite songs
Go to bed early and get the sleep you need

Yours in Health, Naturally,

Dr. Ben

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