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Health Tip Week #4

Week 4See your Chiropractor as often as they recommend

Life gets busy. Of course, It does, if you are a regular follower you know thatI have missed the last two weeks of posting any blogs. We have a lot going onat work, home, etc. It can become very easy to just go to the Chiropractor whenyou hurt or you have symptoms. While Chiropractic can be very effective atmaking these symptoms go away, this type of Chiropractic is not allowing yourbody to heal and be healthy.

Symptoms are often the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away, sothey are not a very good gauge of your actual health. By working with your bodywhen it "feels fine" the Chiropractic adjustments are realigning your spine andre-establishing correct muscle and ligament balance in your body. This isworking to help your body avoid these flare-ups, by actually correcting theproblem, as opposed to working towards short term relief.

The quick version of Chiropractic:
Aches and pains are signs that your body isn't working right. Your brain,spinal cord and all your nerves control how your body works. Physical, chemicalor emotional stresses produce a defensive posture. Muscles contract, lockingspinal joints that pinch or irritate nearby nerves. Lack of nervous systemintegrity sets the stage for disease and ill health. A thorough examinationhelps chiropractors find these vertebral subluxations. Applying a precise forceto stuck spinal joints helps the body right itself. Health usually returns asrepeated visits restore nervous system integrity. That's why Chiropractic carehas helped millions get well and stay well.

If you do not have a Chiropractor in your area please email me and I will findone near you.

If you live inSioux Falls anddo not have a Chiropractic home I invite you to use the new patient speciallocated on the left side of the page. Just click the big green button and youron your way.

For more information on Chiropractic and Health just browse around the websiteor sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter. 

Yours in Health, Naturally, 

Dr. Ben

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  • "When I went into to see Dr. Oien I was having constant pain in m neck with tingling into my arm. I couldn't believe how fast my symptoms disappeared and I have not had them for a year and a half."
    - Lori R.
  • "I was in extreme pain with constant headaches every day and super tight neck and shoulder muscles. I had many conditions and was on many medications and lived like this for about 10 years."
    - Jenna W.
  • "When I first came to Dr. Ben I had a lot of low back pain. I have been to the medical doctor and had a ton of medications."
    - Matt D.

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