Chiropractors... What are they good for?

You know the basics:headaches, back pain, pain in the neck and I'm not talking about that men. I can'thelp you with that; you're on your own!

Seriously, Chiropractors canhelp with many other conditions you may not have thought of. Just take a lookat the picture. This is just a small list of issues I see in my office daily.


Why does chiropractic workfor these other issues?

According to any anatomy andphysiology book you will find they all will say the nervous system is themaster control of the body. The nervous system controls and coordinates everyfunction of the body. Yes it says "EVERY" function of the body. So in asmall nutshell that means your heart, stomach, intestines, bladder, muscles,liver, kidneys, yes I could go on for a very long time, but I'm sure you get mypoint.

Chiropractic is based on thefact that the nervous system is the boss. As a chiropractor I adjust your spine.This is where the nervous system lives and exits to reach all the organs,muscles, blood vessels etc When your spine is misaligned or subluxated as Icall it, it produces interference with the signal that is being sent from yourbrain, to the spinal cord and out to the structure it controls. That signal shouldbe 100%. If it is not then we have an issue.

Think of it as a garden hose.If you kink the house, let's say only 75% of the water will come out at theend. Now if the plant you're watering only gets 75% of the water, it will grow,but it will not flourish as if it was receiving all 100% of the water.

This is what happens when youare subluxated or have a spinal misalignment. The signal is not 100%. Sodepending on where the signal goes you may have an issue.

Are you 100% free from nerveinterference/subluxation. We can test your nervous system in our office. If youwould like to get tested gives us a call and we will be happy to give you afree screening.

Yours in Health, Naturally, 

Dr. Ben

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  • "When I went into to see Dr. Oien I was having constant pain in m neck with tingling into my arm. I couldn't believe how fast my symptoms disappeared and I have not had them for a year and a half."
    - Lori R.
  • "I was in extreme pain with constant headaches every day and super tight neck and shoulder muscles. I had many conditions and was on many medications and lived like this for about 10 years."
    - Jenna W.
  • "When I first came to Dr. Ben I had a lot of low back pain. I have been to the medical doctor and had a ton of medications."
    - Matt D.

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