• I’ve had lower back pain for 8+ years seeing several different chiropractors through that time. I’m 2 months into his program and haven’t felt this kind of relief ever. His confidence in fixing me gives me the motivation to do my part of the program at home!

    - Jordan V
  • Staff are friendly! Once checked in, I have waited 2 min at most before being seen, I was very pleased with how fast I was in and out! It's affordable if you don't have insurance. I have gone to other chiropractors for 13 years and Dr. Ben is the only chiropractor I would recommend!!

    - Denise L.
  • I went in for pinched nerves and after weekly adjustments were healed much more than just that. No more acid reflux, and I'm sleeping much better! Great Chiropractor and great staff!

    - Jared H.
  • I had not slept in months and had headaches for months from results of a car accident. I had never been to a chiropractor in my life before and had heard nothing but bad things about chiropractors until my doctor said I needed to start seeing one because of this car accident. Since I started going to Oien Family Chiropractic I am definitely a believer now! Dr Ben and the staff have got me back on the right track now and I would recommend his practice to anyone!

    Show More - Lance B.
  • When I went into to see Dr. Oien I was having constant pain in m neck with tingling into my arm. I couldn't believe how fast my symptoms disappeared and I have not had them for a year and a half. I decided to seek Dr. Oien's help because it is a natural, drug free approach. Dr. Oien and his staff are wonderful caring people. Thank you for your help and kindness.

    Show More - - Lori R.
  • I was in extreme pain with constant headaches every day and super tight neck and shoulder muscles. I had many conditions and was on many medications and lived like this for about 10 years. I tried medicines and herbal remedies to solve the problem, but nothing worked. I thought I would end up crippled and heavily medicated for the rest of my life. Chiropractic has helped dramatically. I have gone off almost all medications and feeling like I can live again. My husband and I recommend Dr. Oien al

    Show More - - Jenna W.
  • When I first came to Dr. Ben I had a lot of low back pain. I have been to the medical doctor and had a ton of medications. Neither of these helped with my pain. I have never felt better in my life and as a long time bowler and after many years of trying with Dr. Ben's help I bowled my first 300 game followed by a 299 three weeks later.

    Show More - - Matt D.

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